Since its inception in 2002 the Department of Genetics & Genome Sciences Genomics Core Facility has sequenced thousands of samples on a variety of platforms. Located on the 7th floor of the Biomedical Research Building (BRB), the Genomics Core Facility offers a wide range of services to all investigators at CWRU and its partnering institutions. We offer a multitude of genomics services including Next Generation Sequencing on the Illumina HiSeq2500 & MiSeq, genotyping and gene expression analysis using the Illumina HiScan, and Sanger sequencing options using an ABI Prism 3730 DNA Analyzer. The Genomics Core provides a centralized resource working to take the difficulty out of Next Generation Sequencing projects for both novice and experienced users alike. To accomplish this we also provide assistance in all facets of experimentation from design to data analysis, including grant and manuscript preparations. We strive to service our research community in a cost-effective and efficient manner to enable them to conduct the best research possible.

For information on how to place orders and submit samples please view our website. If you are interested in customized projects contact us for additional options. While it is our desire to help researchers do the best science they can, we ask that if you are working under a grant deadline that you try to give us ample time to assist you. For more information about the Genomics Core facility please contact the Core Director, Alexander Miron, at 216-368-2791 or alexander.miron@case.edu. Additional discounts and support for large-scale projects are available.

For a copy of our Data Archival Policy click here.